Image by  @lovedaphnemae

about me

I am creams and browns, warmth and earth. I am dancing and laughing, blur and movement. I am blissfully chaotic confusion, authenticity, naked babies, playful dads, and intimate mamas. If you are one of these things too we are a match, and I look forward to designing what only you and I can create.

I'm Christina. I believe in being wild and free, in laughing and crying (things I do daily with my two babes circling me constantly) and in not wearing makeup because I feel prettier that way. I don't believe in perfection, or in the presentation of it.

I am your biggest advocate for looking in the mirror and saying, "I am pretty." I love turning to my husband and saying, "I feel pretty right now." His eyes shine and his smile confirms what I already know: we expect nothing more of one another — only to be ourselves.

I ask my baby girls repeat back to me, "I am beautiful. I have beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, beautiful legs, beautiful lips, a beautiful belly..."

We spend our time in the sun and near water! We surf, swim, fish, camp, hike, explore, get lost. I am happiest when my naked children run wild and I provide the food, pinch bums, and beg for kisses as they dart between chasing chickens, riding bikes, and jumping waves.

Making friends is my love language — I would love if you said “hello!”

xo, Christina