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about me

I'm Christina. I believe in being wild and free, in laughing and crying (things I do daily with my two babes circling me constantly) and in not wearing makeup because I feel prettier that way. I don't believe in perfection, or in the presentation of it.

My story begins in the tiny towns of Vallecorsa, Italy, and Lordsburg, NM, and in the bigger cities of Portland, Oregon, and Moosejaw, Canada. My husband's story begins in Idaho, Arizona, Morocco, and El Salvador. Tyler and I are the grandchildren of brave, risk-taking, courageous women and men who immigrated to America. I am a witness, and greatly reap the benefits, of their hard work and dream-seeking lives. 

Where did you come from? What are you doing here? These are the questions I ask myself as I not only deliver photos, but as I live a life that ignites fire in people to create their most beautiful life.

I am your biggest advocate for looking in the mirror and saying, "I am pretty." I love turning to my husband and saying, "I feel pretty right now." His eyes shine and his smile confirms what I already know: we expect nothing more of one other - only to be ourselves.

I have my baby girls repeat back to me, "I am beautiful. I have beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, beautiful legs, beautiful lips, a beautiful belly..."

I am certain that by feeling confident we will be powerful and have the greatest impact on the most amount of people.

My family and I spend most of our time in the sun and near water: on bikes, at the beach, or in the pool! I am happiest when my naked children run wild and I provide the food, pinch bums, and beg for kisses as they dart between scooters, bikes, and boogie boards.

Please leave me a note - I love making friends!

xo, Christina