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about me

También hablo español. Mi blog esta escrito en español e ingles!

I am tones of warmth and earth, dancing and laughter, blur and movement. I am blissfully chaotic confusion, authenticity, naked babies, playful dads, and intimate mamas. If you are one of these things we are a match, and I look forward to designing what only you and I can create.

I'm Christina. My work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. I have shot for Sonnet James’ and Rad and Happy and many influencers around the country. Most importantly, my work is featured on families walls around the world. I traveled frequently for work, from one coast to another, but have recently decided to stay closer to home, mostly photographing weddings and families around northern California, with the occasional jaunt across the country.

I believe in being wild and free, in laughing and crying, and in not wearing makeup because I feel prettier that way. I do not believe in perfection or the presentation of it. I consider myself an artist more than a photographer, and so my images embody a journalistic and documentary mood; I expect my pictures to feel, smell, taste! — to stand on their own as living representation of your most important moments.

If you are searching for a wedding, family, birth, or newborn photographer - or just want to be friends - I would love it if you said “hello!”

xo, Christina


What the others say:

Christina Judd captures everyday moments in ethereal ways, as if through a looking glass from heaven. Christina has an eye of an artist that comes around just once in a generation, her work is both genre-defying and genre-defining. Original, delicate, authentic, magical, and personal, her images are layered to express values, sentiments, relationships, personalities, and character. And they simply radiate joy. Christina is an inimitable wonder.
Christina is an instant friend. She has an innate ability which translates beautifully into your art. The same way your best friends can see all the best, most beautiful parts of you is how she photographs her subjects. She herself is bright, fun, relaxed, kind, and good and this is what my session with her was like! The photographs she procures are actual treasures — each one tells such a story of who I am and what my life looks like. These are timeless artifacts I will hold dear forever.
Having seen Christina’s photos I knew that I wanted her to do my wedding. It’s the one thing I HAD to have and we are so glad we chose her! Our pictures are ethereal, dreamy, perfectly-captured moments of our favorite day, and we will cherish them forever.
Christina has the amazing ability to capture warmth, motion, and the essence of the moment. Her photos are bathed in light and you can almost feel the emotions of her subjects. She captured our girls and family in such a real, yet majestic way that I can’t wait for our next session!
Thank you for being our family historian for 2.5 really poingnant years. We don’t have fancy jewelry or art and you’ve created heirlooms for my babies.
YOU CRUSHED IT, KNOCKED IT out of the PARK! These are AMAZING. I love THEM. WE love them. You did such an excellent job of capturing the people I love. Absolutely awesome! I knew you were the thing i got right in all my choosing.
She works straight up magic. I love working with her. And every time she produces images I know i will treasure for the rest of forever. She is super creative and it’s so fun to see what she comes up with. I love her, and her work is just wonderful, real, and everything you’d want from a photographer.
Christina is extremely professional whilst having a fierce eye for raw beauty. She pushes herself, studies and experiments with technique, to create real art and make families weep with joy. She also falls right in with all dynamics of groups. I’ve been part of several different shoots and events with her and can attest to that! She’s a real gem, her photos are unthinkable, I cherish every single one.