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about me

I'm Christina. I believe in being wild and free, in laughing and crying (things I do daily with my two babes circling me constantly), and in not wearing makeup because I feel prettier that way. I don't believe in perfection, or in the presentation of it.

I spend most of my time at the beach or pool, or at least in the sun, with my littles. I am happiest when my naked children run wild and all I do is provide the food, pinch bums, and beg for kisses as they dart between scooters, bikes, and boogie boards.

I am your biggest advocate for looking in the mirror and saying, "I am pretty." I wish for all women, especially moms, to have frequent moments when they feel pretty. I love turning to my husband and saying, "I feel pretty right now." His eyes shine and his smile reminds me that we need nothing more of each other - just to be ourselves.

I have my baby girls repeat back to me, "I am beautiful. I have beautiful eyes, beautiful hands, beautiful legs, beautiful lips, a beautiful belly..." I am certain that by feeling confident they will be powerful and make the biggest impact on the most amount of people. 

Your real, your raw, your imperfect is your beautiful and I want nothing more than to celebrate it, glorify it, honor it - on creamy, dreamy, blazingly timeless, film.