A Perfect Sunday and a Dive into Underwater Photography

A Sunday where little was planned, little was scheduled, except just being together. Lazy morning, a great day at church, easy, delicious pasta salad for dinner and then: THE BEACH. We are a little obsessed with our raft. 

I cannot wait until I offer underwater photography SESSIONS! I will soon! Here in Seattle I'm sure it'll be a huge hit (baha)! But seriously, how fun is this?!?! I was just using a GoPro, but the shots are stellar! I'm saving my pennies for underwater housing.

Tyler and Annie snuck up on us. They loaded up in the raft around the corner from us who were sitting on the beach already. Tyler had thrown a tennis ball in the raft and started rowing when he saw it floating in the water beside them. Annie said, "No, I no wike dat. No wannit." What Annie wants Annie gets. I love her Spanish syntax combined with English words. Hearing her language develop brings me so much joy. She stutters frequently, but I'm not worried right now. (Kids often stutter when they are learning to talk because their brain is moving faster than their mouths can keep up - add another language and they have 2-3 times the work to do, or sounds to assimilate.) I think she is doing amazing learning two languages, and I hope she sees the value of knowing two languages as she grows. 

After Tyler and Annie make their grand entrance Will and Zoe jumped in the raft too, and they all sailed out to sea. 

Annie and Zoe are brave souls. They loved playing in the water and couldn't get enough. Even though they were shivering badly they wouldn't come out to dry off. Will would tell Zoe, "Zoe, don't go out that far, be careful." And she would respond, "No, I'm big girl." And add something about how she was fine walking straight out into wide open waters (in her Patagonia dress). Kate kept saying, "I doe in 'ere. I doe in 'ere" while pointing to the water. She wanted to swim in it like Annie and Zoe but when Tyler would drop her down she would say, "no, no, no."

Zoe grabbed the seaweed she kept saying, "It's grass!" and put it on her head.

When we got back in the car Annie said she needed the heater cranked. When Tyler or I tried to turn it down she made us turn it back on. I love my water babies - who needs a heated pool to learn to swim in Seattle...? 

I love pictures that are fresh, new to me, and outside my comfort zone. I'm crazy excited to see where this goes...