Film. Black and White.

I bought the wrong camera (HaHa!). I'm wondering if I should have bought a film camera and just figured it out along the way, as I am doing now on this amazing cheapy thing. I love everything about film, everything. It's only a matter of time before every. single. image is film. I'm giddy wondering what what the future holds in my "practicing art" department. 

Just an added story. I have a three year old. Three. 3. While taking a shower the other day she was chasing Kate. I know she was making her mad 'cause there was a heard-of-elephants sound roaring up and down our hallway and Kate was growling, which means she's mad and trying to defend herself. I happily said, "Annie, put your dress on and we will go bye-bye!" And then, 

She came into the bathroom. Turned out the light. And closed the door.

Enjoy the photos.