I've gone from 0-60 in about .00934234 of a second. 

I will be in these places taking family, engagement, newborn, maternity, sibling, anniversary, intimate, #christinaskinonskin, and birth photos, and/or any other photos you have in mind! I also have a couple exciting collaborations in the works. If you have any ideas you want to pull off you know I am ALWAYS ALL IN.

Here is where I will be in the next few months:

August 4-6: Grand Rapids, Michigan

End of August: Palo Alto + Bay Area

September (last week-ish): Seattle, Washington

October 1-6: Santa Cruz + Bay Area, California

October (looking like the 3rd weekend): SLC/Utah County, Utah

November (specific date TBD): Phoenix/Mesa/Sedona, Arizona

With every session you get to hang out with yours truly for a few hours, and I'll be using all my tricks to guide you out of your comfort zone, pretzel you all up with your little and big lovers, and have you snuggling and giggling like a gaggle of little girls.

I also mostly wanna hang out. In other words, when the session is "over" I don't totttaallly want to be done. Whenever I say "I'm done" everyone relaxes, melting into their most beautiful and natural state, and then my photographer heart goes wild all over again and some of my favorite photos come from that time. If you don't mind my hanging around gabbing, listening, and over complimenting you because I can't help it because I fall in love with people when I photograph them because I'm addicted to making friends, then I will be in no hurry to go anywhere.

Within three weeks you'll have gobs of film photos, in digital form, in an online gallery.

It all costs $995, and HERE is the link to purchase your session.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions - I am always a totally open book, which drives my husband crazy but I can't help myself.

Finally, here are some pictures as of late:

I shoot with a Pentax645nii and Canon 1V. I shoot mixes of Portra 800, Ektar 100, Portra 400, and Fuji 400h. Double exposures are done in camera as well as in post processing. Click HERE to purchase your shoot and HERE to ask whatever question you would like! See you soon! xoxo, Christina