@OURRESCUE giveaway

I want to share more photos and HAVE A SPECIAL GIVEAWAY HAPPENING NOW:

The GIVEAWAY is live until Friday night 9pm! 100 PERCENT OF THE PROCEEDS GO TO OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD - an incredible organization that rescues children from sex slavery. I have purchased the course but am giving it away to another photographer who wants to jump in and start taking pictures!

The course, The Light and Liberation Project, was designed for any photographer wanting to develop their skills. Details are in a quick video made by the photographers in that link. The photogs who created the content are TOTAL ROCKSTARS (one is even a former mentor of mine.) I love these people. If you want a free 2-hour long photography check it out my insta post here!

If you are thinking of delving in to photography don’t give up. Keep going. I am so happy about all of the photos that are being pumped out of my camera. I’m in shock when I go back and look at them. I love them even more as time passes.

This beautiful friend, Krystil, is also a fellow photographer. We laugh and play and chat and hang, plus she orders take-out when I’m at her house and whoever gives me food becomes my instant best friend.

I always tell myself I will only choose 10-15 of my favorite photos from a session, but when it comes down to it I can never whittle them down.

Check out this Portra 800 +1!!!! And this Ilford Delta 3200. I’m crazy about this stuff.