always on my mind

This was the first family I photographed strictly on film. The learning curve was steep! When I asked little girl to come take a picture with her mom, and she responded by shaking a finger near her nose while saying, "I...don'" in a high pitched voice while prancing on the log, the pressure was real - ha!

I could not have asked for more beautiful photos of this family. The grain, the real emotion, the creaminess - I jumped for joy when I first saw them, and still do when I relive the moment now. I do not believe the images could have been created under any other circumstance, with any other medium. I feel passionately about the journey to, and process through, film photography... much so that I have a personal project in the works that will be unveiled one day soon. It sits in the back of my mind, a powerful tool to document the things I feel, and hope others feel, most strongly about.

For now, esta familia, on film.