miracles and power for you and me, today

I gave a talk in church on Sunday. If it helps someone outside the walls of that chapel yesterday my confidence would soar in the knowledge that a loving Savior knows each of us intimately and uses whoever has a desire (D&C 4) to aid in His work of providing relief and love to all of God’s children. Subscribe below to have future posts delivered directly to your inbox. Thank you for being here. xo, Christina

También esta escrito en español, se sigue abajo. Muchas gracias por estar aquí — los quiero a todos ustedes. xo, Christina

I believe in power, miracles, angels, manifestations, divine help that comes miraculously through a thinned veil.

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I believe in Christ. I know He lives. I know we become “the children of Christ, His sons and His daughters (Mos 5:7)” through covenant. 

I have prayed for help and guidance in every aspect of this talk. The Savior wants to speak to each of us and I pray you hear His voice today, that will come through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I happened to be in Seattle last weekend when Elder Holland was scheduled to speak at a parenting devotional. I attended with some of my best friends and have included some of what he taught.

Elder Holland began saying it is no coincidence that the scriptures begin with families, and families who are in trouble. In the Old Testament it’s Adam and Eve. In the New Testament Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. And in the Book of Mormon, Lehi, Sariah, their children and their children’s children.

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Elder Holland said, “As soon as Adam and Eve stepped out of the garden they didn’t even have time to begin family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study before there was fratricide - with one brother killing another. It’s all not a new deal to God! All our questions have been asked before and case studies have been done in the scriptures. You’re not plowing ground that no one else has put a blade to.”

And still, as hard as this all is - the work of raising families - we are a temple-building church. Families are our practice and we will continue to seal families together.

Every human being finds themself in the exact same plight: our bodies do not easily conform to our spirit. We are all made of two parts, a spirit and a body. But our bodies have problems. They are fallen bodies in a fallen world and they don’t work as they should. Some of our brains do not send the right hormones to the right places at the right times and so we have anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, OCD, addiction, disorders and a million other ailments.

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But on the other hand, our spirits have been tutored for years, decades, centuries - I don’t know how long - prior to being born in this mortal experience. “Even before they were born, they, with many others, received their first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth in the due time of the Lord to labor in his vineyard for the salvation of the souls of men (D&C 138:56)” 

That is you and me as parents, missionaries, ministering brothers and sisters and friends! We had agency. We sought greater truth and light. We had progressed as far as we could. But we wanted more. So we chose earth. This is what we chose.

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Neal A. Maxwell,

“In some ways, our second estate, in relationship to our first estate, is like agreeing in advance to surgery. Then the anesthetic of forgetfulness settles in upon us. Just as doctors do not de-anesthetize a patient in the midst of authorized surgery to ask him again if the surgery should be continued, so, after divine tutoring, we agreed to come here and to submit ourselves to certain experiences; it was an irrevocable decision. Deep within us, his doctrines do strike the promised chord of familiarity and underscore our true identity. Our sense of belonging grows in spite of our sense of separateness, for his teachings stir our souls awakening feelings within us which have somehow survived underneath the encrusting experiences of mortality.”

This earth life, families, is our practice into Godliness. 

A single parent wrote in before the devotional saying, “I’m crushed under the weight of it all…” And Elder Holland said, “We’re all crushed under the weight of it. We’ll get there one day at a time. You’ll be perfect eventually; don’t get sick or feel bad about it, don’t feel guilty about it.” 

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Elder Holland said jestingly, “We think we are going to jump out of the grave and say, ‘Make me a God! I need some planets!’” The audience roared with laughter and then he asked,

How does Godhood happen? How do we become kings and queens, priests and priestesses? 

Line upon Line

Precept upon precept (2 Nephi 28:30)

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6).

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We want to possess the Godly attributes of patience, kindness, forgiveness, long-suffering, but we don’t want to endure the practices of becoming them — we don’t want to go through the heart-wrenching months and years required to shed the natural man and become Godlike. 

But Elder Holland said, “I don’t think it can come any other way. ‘…if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17)’ Children grow up to be like their parents.”

So our feat becomes one of recognizing and following spiritual promptings — still, small nudges and invitations that when we follow, the Savior uses to change us — to align our estranged bodies with our divine spirits until we physically become new creatures in Christ (2 Corin 5), more fit for the kingdom (hymn), filled with the love of God, always rejoicing, always retaining a remission of sins, growing in the knowledge and power and glory of that which is just and true, made free, filled with joy, peace of conscience, (Mos 4), perfect in Christ, holy without spot (Mor 10), “sanctified that our minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him; for he will unveil his face unto you, and it shall be in his own time, and in his own way, and according to his own will (D&C 88:68).”

Sisters, brothers, these promises are for Right Now! And they are for everyone! They are not reserved for prophets, or apostles!, or the uber righteous — they are for you and me, right now. President Nelson said recently, “Oh, there is so much more that your Father in Heaven wants you to know.” He also quoted Elder Maxwell, “To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear it is clear that the father and the son are giving away the secrets of the universe.” 

So how do we do it? How do we get these answers, this help, this power? Especially when it feels like everything is falling apart and our children don’t want to come to church and our brains and our bodies lash out in ways we feel we can’t control?! What do we do?

We turn to the scriptures and find out what they did! If this is not a new deal to God and we have case studies in the scriptures, we learn from those who have already done what we need to do.

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Let’s start with the Nephites, the church-going-temple-attending-truth-seeking people! In 3 Nephi chapters 9 - 10 everything that could go wrong just went wrong - thunders, fires, earthquakes, the land is shaped all wonky, destruction and death and whirlwinds and tempests and the earth swallowed people up. 

It’s been pitch black for three days as the earth mourned the death of her King! 

So where do they go?! To the temple. And they hear a voice from heaven and understand it not. Does that happen when you go the temple?! It wasn’t a loud voice, it’s wasn’t a harsh voice. It was a small voice that pierced them to the center, it pierced them to the very soul, and did cause their hearts to burn.

But did they understand it?

“And it came to pass that again they heard the voice, and they understood it not.”

“But the third time they did hear the voice and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof; and they did look steadfastly toward heaven, from whence the sound came. …the third time they did understand the voice.”

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President Nelson said, “When the Savior knows you truly want to reach up to Him — when He can feel that the greatest desire of your heart is to draw His power into your life — you will be led by the Holy Ghost to know exactly what you should do. When you spiritually stretch beyond anything you have ever done before, then His power will flow into you (Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into our Lives).”

“As they understood they cast their eyes up again towards heaven; and behold, they saw a man descending out of heaven and he was clothed in a white robe; and he came down and stood in the midst of them; and the eyes of the whole multitude were turned upon him and they durst not open their mouths, even one to another…”

Now this part is a bit anti-climactic! The Father had just introduced His son! You want them to know who He is! You want them to run and worship him! But! “they wist not what it meant for they thought it was an angel that had appeared unto them”

The Savior comes, stretches out his hand, testifies of himself and his mission, and then, “the whole multitude fell to the earth for they remembered that it had been prophesied among them”

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Now, Adam and Eve. “And Adam and Eve called upon the name of the Lord, and they heard the voice of the Lord from the way toward the Garden of Eden, speaking unto them, and they saw him not; for they were shut out from his presence. And he gave unto them commandments, that they should worship the Lord their God, and should offer the firstlings of their flocks, for an offering unto the Lord. And Adam was obedient unto the commandments of the Lord (Moses 5:4).”

If they were spending time building an altar, and making offerings, what were they not spending their time doing? 

We cannot do it all. So what do we want?

“After many days an angel of the Lord appeared unto Adam, saying: why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the Lord? And Adam said unto him; I know not, save the Lord commanded me.”

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Is that blind faith? Never. Adam knew he had a Father and a Savior who wanted nothing more than to bless and aid and help on His mortal journey. God kept them in ordinances that helped them focus on that great and last sacrifice, the Son of God. “The angel spake saying, This thing is a similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten of the Father, which is full of grace and truth. Wherefore, thou shalt do all that thou doest in the name of the Son, and thou shalt repent and call upon God in the name of the Son forevermore.” He is the only way we are getting out of all of this. He invites us to go where we find Him, and go often.

How do we get power? How do we get help? How do we get visitations from angels and miracles and hear the voice of the Lord until we eventually see Him?!

We make and keep covenants. We stay in the ordinances, frequently. We sacrifice our time to be in the temple. Just like the Nephites we don’t always understand the voice. But if we stick with it, like Adam and Eve and the Nephites, He will come and make His abode with us (John 14:23). We make covenants and we do not budge from them. Like Adam and Eve we look for true messengers from our Father, we look for greater light and knowledge.

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Elder Holland said, “Your covenants call down the powers of heaven. Don’t try to do this alone! Make and keep your promises and the power of that will lead your children and your children’s children to heaven — they’ll come back! Not in objection to the law of agency, but because of it. They will choose it because they saw you do it. Of all the things I can promise God’s help about it’s about raising your children. If we can’t have help with this there won’t be help about anything. I don’t think we talk enough about miracles, angels, help through the veil that happens only miraculously. Believe in angels, manifestations, divine help, miracles…that turn people around. …Team up with those on the other side of the veil. This is the most important work you can do and you’ll have help to do it.”

I know that “in the ordinances the power of Godliness is manifest (D&C 84:20)” — it is gifted us! Adam and Eve knew that it was in their covenants they would recognize true messengers. And when they received a little they fully expected and looked for more — more messengers, more help, more light and knowledge. 

Commandments afford us more copious amounts of safety and peace while in the throes of mortality, but their purpose never was to get us back to heaven. We get into heaven through the veil, which is Christ’s flesh (Hebrews 10:20). And we get to the veil by making covenants, covenants that are centered on Christ.

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Sometimes we will have our own Gethsemanes and Golgothas! We will! But this is what we chose because we wanted more! 

So we will be in the ordinances where we will find perspective, relief and be given strength beyond our own.

I invite us to be in the ordinances before general conference in three weeks. So that when true messengers speak to us, we will hear the voice of the Lord and be filled with His power -- filled with power to use our agency and go and do. So we can, like the Nephites after hard and scary times, “witness for ourselves, and cry out with one accord, Hosanna, blessed be the name of the most high god! And…fall down at the feet of Jesus, and…worship him (3 Nephi 11) “…that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is (Moroni 10:7)” because after a lifetime of difficulty and pressure and hardship, and covenants, it is what we have become.

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I testify of Him; I know He lives, I know it. He will send you power through the Holy Ghost - still, small nudges, invitations - that will lead you to see that “by small and simple things are great things come to pass.” He is our perfectly loving, kind, generous, patient, forgiving Master and King. He is the innocent Lamb of God who, though he asked for His cup to pass three times, said, “...nevertheless, glory be to the Father, and [I] partook...(D&C 19).”

I close with Elder Holland’s closing words last Saturday, “Don’t be so miserably hard on yourself! Please, please, please trust me. Believe me. Generations will be blessed. Be peaceful, be happy, and accept this blessing.” 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Di un discurso en la iglesia el domingo. Si ayuda a alguien fuera de los muros de esa capilla, mi confianza se elevaría al saber que un Salvador amoroso nos conoce a cada uno de nosotros íntimamente y usa a quien tenga un deseo (D. y C. 4) para ayudarle en Su trabajo de brindar alivio y amor a todos los Hijos de Dios. Suscríbase en mi sitio para recibir futuras publicaciones directamente en su correo electrónico. Gracias por estar aquí. xo, Christina

Creo en el poder, los milagros, los ángeles, las manifestaciones, la ayuda divina que viene milagrosamente a través de un velo delgado.

Creo en Cristo Sé que vive. Sé que llegamos a ser "los hijos de Cristo, sus hijos y sus hijas (Mos 5: 7)" por convenio.

He orado por ayuda en todos los aspectos de este discurso. El Salvador quiere hablar con cada uno de nosotros y le pido que escuchen Su voz hoy, que vendrá a través del poder del Espíritu Santo.

Estaba en Seattle el fin de semana pasado cuando el Elder Holland tenía previsto hablar en una devocional de padres. Asistí con algunos de mis mejores amigos y he incluido algo de lo que él enseñó.

El élder Holland comenzó a decir que no es casualidad que las Escrituras comiencen con familias y familias que están en problemas. En el Antiguo Testamento son Adán y Eva. En el Nuevo Testamento María, José y Jesús. Y en el Libro de Mormón, Lehi, Sariah, sus hijos y los hijos de sus hijos.

El élder Holland dijo: "Tan pronto como Adán y Eva salieron del jardín, ni siquiera tuvieron tiempo de comenzar la noche de hogar, la oración familiar y el estudio de las Escrituras familiares antes de que hubiera fratricidio, con un hermano matando a otro. ¡No todo es un nuevo trato para Dios! Todas nuestras preguntas se han hecho antes y se han realizado estudios de casos en las Escrituras. No estás arando terreno en el que nadie más ha puesto una cuchilla ".

Y aún así, por difícil que sea todo esto, el trabajo de criar familias, somos una iglesia que construye templos. Las familias son nuestra práctica y continuaremos sellando las familias.

Todo ser humano se encuentra exactamente en la misma situación: nuestros cuerpos no se ajustan fácilmente a nuestro espíritu. Todos estamos hechos de dos partes, un espíritu y un cuerpo. Pero nuestros cuerpos tienen problemas. Son cuerpos caídos en un mundo caído y no funcionan como deberían. Algunos de nuestros cerebros no envían las hormonas correctas a los lugares correctos en los momentos correctos, por lo que tenemos ansiedad, depresión, esquizofrenia, TOC, adicción, trastornos y un millón de otras dolencias.

Pero, por otro lado, nuestros espíritus han sido entrenados durante años, décadas, siglos, no sé cuánto tiempo, antes de nacer en esta experiencia mortal. “Incluso antes de que nacieran, ellos, con muchos otros, recibieron sus primeras lecciones en el mundo de los espíritus y estaban preparados para salir a su debido tiempo del Señor para trabajar en su viña para la salvación de las almas de los hombres (D. y C. 138: 56) "

¡Somos tú y yo como padres, misioneros, hermanos ministros, hermanas y amigos! Teníamos libertad de escoger. Buscábamos mayor verdad y luz. Habíamos progresado lo más que pudimos. Pero queríamos más. Entonces elegimos la tierra. Esto es lo que elegimos.

Neal A. Maxwell,

“De alguna manera, nuestro segundo estado, en relación con nuestro primer estado, es como aceptar de antemano la cirugía. Entonces la anestesia del olvido se instala sobre nosotros. Así como los médicos no desnestesian a un paciente en medio de una cirugía autorizada para preguntarle nuevamente si la cirugía debe continuarse, así, después de la tutoría divina, acordamos venir aquí y someternos a ciertas experiencias; Fue una decisión irrevocable. En lo profundo de nosotros, sus doctrinas tocan el acorde prometido de la familiaridad y subrayan nuestra verdadera identidad. Nuestro sentido de pertenencia crece a pesar de nuestro sentido de separación, porque sus enseñanzas agitan nuestras almas despertando sentimientos dentro de nosotros que de alguna manera han sobrevivido bajo las incrustases experiencias de mortalidad ".

Esta vida terrestre, familias, es nuestra práctica.

Una madre soltero escribió antes del devocional diciendo: "Estoy aplastado por el peso de todo ..." Y el élder Holland dijo: "Todos estamos aplastados por el peso de todo. Llegaremos allí un día a la vez. Serás perfecto eventualmente; no te enfermes ni te sientas mal por eso, no te sientas culpable ".

El élder Holland dijo en broma: "Creemos que vamos a saltar de la tumba y decir:" ¡Hazme un Dios! ¡Necesito algunos planetas! "" El público rió a carcajadas y luego el preguntó:

¿Cómo sucede la divinidad? ¿Cómo nos convertimos en reyes y reinas, sacerdotes y sacerdotisas?

Línea sobre línea

Precepto sobre precepto (2 Nefi 28:30)

Por cosas pequeñas y sencillas se hacen grandes cosas (Alma 37: 6).

Queremos poseer los atributos piadosos de paciencia, amabilidad, perdón, paciencia, pero no queremos soportar las prácticas de convertirnos en ellos; no queremos pasar por los desgarradores meses y años necesarios para arrojar el hombre natural y convertirse en Dios.

Pero el élder Holland dijo: “‘ ... si son niños, entonces herederos; herederos de Dios y coherederos con Cristo (Romanos 8:17) "No creo que pueda venir de otra manera".

Entonces, nuestra hazaña se convierte en reconocer y seguir los impulsos espirituales, aún pequeños empujones e invitaciones que cuando seguimos, el Salvador usa para cambiarnos, para alinear nuestros cuerpos separados con nuestros espíritus divinos hasta que físicamente nos convertimos en nuevas criaturas en Cristo (2 Corin 5), más apropiado para el reino (himno), lleno del amor de Dios, siempre regocijándose, siempre conservando la remisión de los pecados, creciendo en el conocimiento, el poder y la gloria de lo que es justo y verdadero, liberado, lleno de alegría, paz de conciencia, (Mos 4), perfecto en Cristo, santo sin mancha (Mor 10), “santificó que nuestras mentes se vuelvan solteras con Dios, y llegarán los días en que lo verás; porque él te revelará su rostro, y será en su propio tiempo, a su manera, y de acuerdo con su propia voluntad (D. y C. 88:68) ".

Hermanas, hermanos, ¡estas promesas son para ahorita! ¡Y son para todos! ¡No están reservados para profetas, apóstoles o súper justos, son para usted y para mí, ahora mismo! El presidente Nelson dijo recientemente: "Oh, hay mucho más que tu Padre Celestial quiere que sepas". También citó al élder Maxwell: "Para aquellos que tienen ojos para ver y oídos para escuchar, está claro que el padre y el hijo está revelando los secretos del universo ".

Entonces, ¿Cómo lo hacemos? ¿Cómo obtenemos estas respuestas, esta ayuda, este poder? ¿Especialmente cuando parece que todo se está desmoronando y nuestros hijos no quieren venir a la iglesia y nuestros cerebros y nuestros cuerpos arremeten de una manera que sentimos que no podemos controlar? qué hacemos?

¡Pasamos a las Escrituras y descubrimos lo que hicieron! Si esto no es un nuevo trato para Dios y tenemos estudios de casos en las Escrituras, aprendemos de aquellos que ya han hecho lo que debemos hacer.

¡Comencemos con los nefitas, la gente que va a la iglesia, asiste al templo y busca la verdad! En 3 capítulos de Nefi 9-10, todo lo que podía salir mal simplemente salió mal: truenos, incendios, terremotos, la tierra tiene forma de torpe, destrucción y muerte, torbellinos y tempestades, y la tierra se tragó a la gente.

¡Ha estado completamente oscuro durante tres días mientras la tierra lloraba la muerte de su Rey!

Entonces, ¿a dónde van? Al templo! Y oyen una voz del cielo y no la entienden. ¿Eso sucede cuando vas al templo? No era una voz alta, no era una voz áspera. Era una pequeña voz que los atravesó hasta el centro, los atravesó hasta el alma y causó que sus corazones ardieran.

¿Pero lo entendieron?

“Y sucedió que nuevamente escucharon la voz y no la entendieron”.

“Pero la tercera vez oyeron la voz y abrieron los oídos para escucharla; y sus ojos estaban hacia el sonido de los mismos; y miraron fijamente hacia el cielo, de donde vino el sonido. ... la tercera vez que entendieron la voz ".

El presidente Nelson dijo: “Cuando el Salvador sabe que realmente quieres llegar a Él, cuando puede sentir que el mayor deseo de tu corazón es atraer Su poder a tu vida, el Espíritu Santo te guiará para saber exactamente qué deberías hacer. Cuando se extienden espiritualmente más allá de cualquier cosa que hayan hecho antes, entonces su poder fluirá hacia ustedes (atrayendo el poder de Jesucristo a nuestras vidas) ".

“Como entendieron, volvieron a mirar hacia el cielo; y he aquí, vieron a un hombre que descendía del cielo y estaba vestido con una túnica blanca; y él bajó y se paró en medio de ellos; y los ojos de toda la multitud se volvieron hacia él y no abrieron la boca, ni uno a otro ...

¡Ahora esta parte es un poco anticlimática! ¡El Padre acababa de presentar a su hijo! ¡Quieres que sepan quién es Él! ¡Quieres que corran y lo adoren! ¡Pero! "No sabían lo que significaba porque pensaban que era un ángel que se les había aparecido"

El Salvador viene, extiende su mano, testifica de sí mismo y de su misión, y luego, "toda la multitud cayó a la tierra porque recordaron que había sido profetizada entre ellos".

Ahora, Adán y Eva. “Y Adán y Eva invocaron el nombre del Señor, y oyeron la voz del Señor desde el camino hacia el Jardín del Edén, hablando con ellos, y no lo vieron; porque fueron excluidos de su presencia. Y les dio mandamientos, para que adoraran al Señor su Dios, y ofrecieran las primicias de sus rebaños, para una ofrenda al Señor. Y Adán fue obediente a los mandamientos del Señor (Moisés 5: 4) ".

Si estaban pasando tiempo construyendo un altar y haciendo ofrendas, ¿qué no estaban haciendo con su tiempo?

No podemos hacerlo todo. Entonces, ¿qué queremos?

“Después de muchos días, un ángel del Señor se le apareció a Adán y le dijo: ¿por qué ofreces sacrificios al Señor? Y Adán le dijo; No sé, salvo que el Señor me lo haya ordenado.

¿Es esa fe ciega? Nunca. Adán sabía que tenía un Padre y un Salvador que no deseaban nada más que bendecir y ayudar en su viaje mortal. Dios lo mantuvo a él y a su esposa en ordenanzas que los ayudaron a centrarse en ese gran y último sacrificio, el Hijo de Dios. “El ángel habló diciendo: Esto es una similitud del sacrificio del Unigénito del Padre, que está lleno de gracia y verdad. Por lo tanto, harás todo lo que haces en el nombre del Hijo, y te arrepentirás e invocarás a Dios en el nombre del Hijo para siempre ”.

¿Cómo conseguimos poder? ¿Cómo obtenemos ayuda? ¿Cómo obtenemos visitas de ángeles y milagros y escuchamos la voz del Señor hasta que finalmente lo veamos?

Hacemos y guardamos convenios. Nos quedamos en las ordenanzas, con frecuencia. Sacrificamos nuestro tiempo para estar en el templo. Al igual que los nefitas, no siempre entendemos la voz. Pero si nos atenemos a él, como Adán y Eva y los Nefitas, Él vendrá y hará su morada con nosotros (Juan 14:23). Hacemos convenios y no nos apartamos de ellos. Al igual que Adán y Eva, buscamos verdaderos mensajeros de nuestro Padre, buscamos mayor luz y conocimiento.

El élder Holland dijo: “Tus convenios invocan los poderes del cielo. ¡No intentes hacer esto solo! Haga y cumpla sus promesas y el poder de eso llevará a sus hijos y a los hijos de sus hijos al cielo: ¡volverán! No en objeción a la ley de albedrío, sino por ello. Lo elegirán porque te vieron hacerlo. De todas las cosas que puedo prometer la ayuda de Dios al respecto se trata de criar a sus hijos. Si no podemos tener ayuda con esto, no habrá ayuda sobre nada. No creo que hablemos lo suficiente sobre milagros, ángeles, ayuda a través del velo que sucede milagrosamente. Cree en los ángeles, las manifestaciones, la ayuda divina, los milagros ... que cambian a las personas. ... Forme un equipo con los del otro lado del velo. Este es el trabajo más importante que puedes hacer y tendrás ayuda para hacerlo ".

Sé que en las ordenanzas el poder de la Divinidad se manifiesta: ¡nos está dotado! Adán y Eva sabían que era en sus convenios que reconocerían verdaderos mensajeros. Y cuando recibieron un poco, esperaban y buscaban más: más mensajeros, más ayuda, más luz y conocimiento.

Los mandamientos nos brindan cantidades más copiosas de seguridad y paz mientras estamos en medio de la mortalidad, pero su propósito nunca fue llevarnos al cielo. Entramos al cielo a través del velo, que es la carne de Cristo (Hebreos 10:20). Y llegamos al velo haciendo convenios, convenios centrados en Cristo.

¡A veces tendremos nuestros propios Getsemaníes y Gólgotas! ¡Es verdad! ¡Pero esto es lo que elegimos porque queríamos más!

Así que estaremos en las ordenanzas donde encontraremos perspectiva, alivio y se nos dará una fuerza más allá de la nuestra.

Los invito a estar en las ordenanzas antes de la conferencia general en tres semanas. De modo que cuando los verdaderos mensajeros nos hablen, escucharemos la voz del Señor y seremos llenos de su poder, llenos de poder para ir y hacer. Así que podemos, como los nefitas después de tiempos difíciles y atemorizantes, "testificar por nosotros mismos, y gritar de común acuerdo, Hosanna, ¡bendito sea el nombre del dios más alto! Y ... caer a los pies de Jesús, y ... adorarlo (3 Nefi 11) "... que cuando él aparezca, seremos como él, porque lo veremos tal como es (Moroni 10: 7)" porque después de una vida de dificultades, presiones, dificultades - y convenios - así nos ha convertido el señor a nosotros mismos. Seremos como El.

Testifico de él; Sé que vive, lo sé. Él te enviará poder a través del Espíritu Santo - aún, pequeños empujones, invitaciones - que te llevarán a ver que "por cosas pequeñas y simples son grandes cosas que suceden". Él es nuestro amoroso, amable, generoso, paciente, indulgente Maestro y Rey. Él es el inocente Cordero de Dios que, aunque pidió que Su copa pasara tres veces, dijo: "... sin embargo, la gloria sea para el Padre, y [yo] participé ... (D. y C. 19)".

Concluyo con las palabras finales del élder Holland el sábado pasado: "¡No seas tan miserablemente duro contigo mismo! Por favor, por favor, por favor. confía en mí. Créame. Las generaciones serán bendecidas. Sé pacífico, feliz y acepta esta bendición ”.

En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amén.


ORANGE COUNTY: Aug 8-11 (2 shoots available)

SEATTLE: End of August (3 shoots available)

SANTA CRUZ: October 1-3 (2 shoots available)

Click here to ask all your questions and book your family hang out, I mean, photoshoot (They will arguably be the most laid back photos you’ll ever have taken…)

As it frequently does, the wind blows yet again and I will now be taking on more weddings than family shoots. Weddings are the most fun I have had while carrying around cameras, and we all know I prefer fun over everything else in life!

If you know someone getting married or almost getting married I would love to be their friend…

Film Below: Ilford 3200. Portra 160. Indie Film Lab. Pentax 645nii. Michigan’s stunning backdrop exactly 1 year ago.

Now to my letter to Goosie.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-708_websize.jpg

Goose (or as you always remind me to say, “Myyyy Gooooossssiiieeeeee” while you melt into the cavity of my body…),

Goose (o como siempre me recuerdas que diga, "Myyyy Goooossssiiieeeeee" mientras te fundes en la cavidad de mi cuerpo …),

Martinie-Johnson 2018-704_websize.jpg

No one will ever tell you what to do — I felt that even when you were in my belly. I knew that in parenting you, my attention would have to be less on your words and actions and more on my own!

I got to practice the other day focusing keeping my cool, and the experience was perfectly enlightening:

Nadie te dirá qué hacer, lo sentí incluso cuando estabas en mi vientre. Sabía que al criarte, mi atención tendría que ser menos en tus palabras y acciones y más en mis propais!

E otro día practique enfocándome en mantener la calma, y la experiencia fue perfectamente esclarecedora:

Martinie-Johnson 2018-635_websize.jpg

Grandma has taught you to love flowers, beauty and growth. You swoon over blossoms like she does and when you see tiny buds and sprouting vegetables you tell everyone around you, “Look!! See how beautiful!!” 

You appreciate micrometres of leaf and petal growth. You love the earth and every creature that comes from it; you love like grandma loves — both effortlessly and completely. 

One morning a tall green stalk, with bright red specs running to the top, towered over you. I didn’t notice it but it immediately caught your eye and you said, “Mom, look!!! It’s growing!! Isn’t it going to be so so pretty?!”

Tu abuela te ha enseñado a amar las flores, la belleza y el crecimiento. Te desmayas en las flores como lo hace ella y cuando ves pequeños capullos y brotes de vegetales, le dices a todos a tu alrededor: "¡Mira¡Mira qué hermosa!”

Te aprecias micrometros de crecimiento de hojas y pétalos. Amas la tierra y toda criatura que proviene de ella; tú amas como ama la abuela, tanto sin esfuerzo como por completo.

Una mañana, un tallo alto y verde, con brillantes puntos rojos corriendo hacia arriba, se alzaba sobre ti. Yo no lo noté, pero inmediatamente te llamó la atención y dijiste: "¡Mamá, mira! ¡¡Está creciendo!! ¡¿No va a ser tan bonito?!”

Martinie-Johnson 2018-687_websize.jpg

I took a moment with you admiring the gladiola and then preceded to unload the car. 

A few days later grandma mourned a branch she found broken in half, one tapered in bright red blossoms that did not have the chance to fully develop. She left it on the porch to enjoy before it completely shriveled and died. 

My moment of choice began.

Me tomé un momento contigo admirando a la gladiola y luego procedí a descargar el carro.

Unos días después, la abuela lloró una rama que encontró rota por la mitad, una en forma de flores rojas brillantes que no tuvieron la oportunidad de desarrollarse por completo. Ella lo dejó en el porche para disfrutar antes de que se marchitara por completo y muriera.

Mi momento de elección comenzó.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-762_websize.jpg

I know enough to know I don’t “teach” anything. What I hope to do as a parent is to uncover truths for you that you can notice and feel, choose and accept, on your own. 

How could I present this situation regarding the flower (that I did not KNOW you broke, but was 99% certain) in such a way you would feel love however it unfolded.  It’s easy to shame, to yell, to nag, to talk at you then walk away. Too easy. I’m trying desperately in my parenting to let you make choices without negative ramifications from me, who wants to be your protector and safe place — your home (I feel that’s how Jesus entreats us; it doesn’t matter where we have been or what we have done “his hand is stretched out still...”)

I called you outside to the porch where the broken branch lay. Without words, and barely making eye contact I squatted below you, shrugged, looked at the plant, and with a who-knows-what-happened questioning face, shrugged again. Without words I tried to ask, “What in the heck?!” 

Ya sé bastante para saber que no "enseño" nada. Lo que espero hacer como madre es descubrir verdades para ti que tu puedes notar y sentir, elegir y aceptar, por tu propia cuenta.

¿Cómo podría presentar esta situación con respecto a la flor (que no sabía por cierto que la rompiste, pero estaba segura al 99%) de tal manera que sentiría mi amor? Es fácil avergonzarse, demasiado fácil. Intento ser made que descubre piezas de rompecabezas que puedes descubrir por tu cuenta sin ramificaciones negativas de mi parte. Quiero ser tu protector y tu lugar seguro, su hogar (creo que así nos atrae Jesús; no importa dónde hayamos estado. Dice Él, "su mano todavia esta extenddida …")

Te llamé al porche donde yacía la rama rota. Sin palabras, y apenas haciendo contacto visual, me puse en cuclillas debajo de ti, me encogí de hombros, miré la planta y sin palabras, traté de preguntar: "¡¿Qué pasó?!”

Martinie-Johnson 2018-786_websize.jpg

I said nothing. You got a contorted look on your face, fidgeted, chewed on your lip, also avoided eye contact, and said, “I didn’t do that.”

I stayed silent looking at you, at the branch, waiting.

You suggested, “Maybe John did it!”

And then, “Maybe the wind blew and blew and blew...” while rushing your arms hands back and forth showing me wind in motion. 

No dije nada. Tenias una mirada retorcida en tu cara, te agitaste, te mordiste el labio, también evitaste el contacto visual y dijiste: "No hice eso".

Me quedé en silencio mirándote, en la rama, esperando.

Usted sugirió, "Tal vez John lo hizo!"

Y luego, "Tal vez el viento sopló y sopló y sopló ..." mientras apresuraba los brazos hacia atrás y hacia adelante, mostrándome el viento en movimiento.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-636_websize.jpg

I do admit I cracked up inside at how creative you were (and artsy in your attempts to reenact what happened!) but also that I didn’t quite know what to do next. 

And when I don’t know what to do I tend to do nothing. 

So I asked, “What else do you think could have happened to the branch?”

You said softly, “Maybe John did ittt....maybe there was a st-ohm....remember that big stohm (storm)....maybe the wind blew it and blew it and it fell over....”

I said, “Grandma is a little sad her flower is broken and I just wanted to see if maybe you knew what could have happened to it... If you want to talk about it any more I’ll be in the kitchen.”

I did my best to stay (positively) neutral and walked inside. 

Admito que me burlé de lo creativo que eras (¡y de lo artístico en tus intentos de recrear lo que sucedió!) Pero también que no sabía muy bien qué hacer a continuación.

Y cuando no sé qué hacer, tiendo a no hacer nada.

Así que pregunté: "¿Qué más crees que podría haberle pasado a la sucursal?

Dijiste suavemente: "Tal vez John lo hizo ... tal vez hubo un st-ohm ... recuerda esa gran tormenta ... tal vez el viento sopló y sopló y se cayó ... . ”

Le dije: "La abuela está un poco triste porque su flor está rota y solo quería ver si quizás sabías lo que podría haberle ocurrido ... Si quieres hablar más sobre eso, estaré en la cocina".

Hice lo mejor que pude para permanecer (positivamente) neutral y entré la casa.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-720_websize.jpg

You ran around the house, found Pa, and came bounding excitedly into the kitchen, “I talked to Pa and he said John probably did it!” and then went skipping on your merry way. 

I made some snarky remark to grandma, “You know, right now it’s broken branches but in a few years it’ll be....”

AndI didn’t know what to do next... so I did nothing. 

Later that evening the conversation came up again — I think you brought it up but I can’t remember clearly. I think I left it again, “When you want to talk about it I’ll be ready.”

That evening and the next morning no one said a word about until you came in my room, plopped your cute body on my bed and said, “Mom, did you want to talk about that fwow-ohr (flower.)?” I replied with as much glee and optimism as I had in me, “Oh, did you want to talk about it?! I would love to!” I was confident you were going to spill the beans! 

Corriste por la casa, encontraste a Pa y entraste entusiasmado en la cocina. "Hablé con Pa y él me dijo que probablemente John lo hizo" y luego te fuiste saltando en tu camino bien alegre.

Le hice un comentario sarcástico a la abuela: "Sabes, en este momento están las ramas rotas, pero en unos años será ..."

Y no sabía qué hacer a continuación ... así que no hice nada.

Más tarde, esa noche, volvió a surgir la conversación: creo que lo mencionaste, pero no puedo recordar con claridad. Creo que lo dejé de nuevo, "Cuando quieras hablar de eso, estaré listo".

Esa tarde y la mañana siguiente nadie dijo nada hasta que tu entraste en mi habitación, dejó caer su lindo cuerpo en mi cama y dijiste: "Mamá, ¿querías hablar sobre ese fwow-ohr (flor)?" Respondí con tanta alegría y optimismo como yo tenía en mí, "Oh, ¿querías hablar de eso?" ¡Me encantaría! ”¡

Confiaba en que me ibas a contar todo!

Martinie-Johnson 2018-749_websize.jpg

You said, “Ya.” 

Then silence. 

Then, “John pwob-wee did it. Or maybe the wind blew it...” 

I walked over and sat by you and asked, “Goose, do you want to sit in my lap and tell me what happened?” 

You nodded and climbed in my lap and with my arms wrapped around you while you recounted similar and equally amusing tales. I frequently hid my face to conceal the laughter. 

Usted dijo: "Ya".

Luego el silencio.

Entonces, "John pwob-wee lo hizo. O tal vez el viento lo sopló …”

Me acerqué y me senté a tu lado y te pregunté: “Goose, ¿quieres sentarte en mi regazo y decirme qué pasó?"

Asentiste, te subiste a mi regazo y te envolví con mis brazos mientras contabas cuentos similares e igualmente divertidos. Con frecuencia escondía mi rostro para ocultar la risa.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-723_websize.jpg

It was not going to come out easily! I began tickle you, tossing your body back an forth. With you lying on your back, my hands covering your torso, and leaning in real close I asked, “Goosie did you break the branch ?”

You took your Elena princess dress and began to slide it up over your head to hide your face while saying, “Nnnoooooo........”

I began tickling you again asking, “NO?!?!!!!! NO?!?!?!!”

You were cracking up loving every second, a silent language between us being spoken of a truth left untold…

!No iba a salir fácilmente! Comencé a hacerte cosquillas, echando tu cuerpo hacia atrás y adelante. Con usted acostada sobre tu espalda, mis manos cubriendo tu torso y, inclinándome muy cerca, te pregunté: "Goosie, ¿rompiste la rama?

Tomaste tu vestido de princesa Elena y comenzaste a deslizarse sobre tu cabeza para esconderte mientras decs::s "Nnnoooooo ........"

Comencé a hacerte cosquillas otra vez preguntando: “¡¡¡¡¡¿¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¿¡¿¡¿NO?!?!?!!"

Te estabas riendo bastante, un lenguaje silencioso entre nosotros hablando de una verdad que no se ha contado ...

Martinie-Johnson 2018-693_websize.jpg

And then I said some magic words: “Kate, if you tell me what happened all the yucky feelings you feel will go away. All of the feelings that make you a little tickle-y and uncomfortable will disappear, I promise.”


“......I looked both ways to see if no one was looking and then I hurried and picked the fwoh-wohrr but it just fell over and broke! 

“Because I wanted to pick a beauuuuuutiful flower for you, mommy.” 

Y luego dije algunas palabras mágicas: "Kate, si me dices qué sucedió, todos los sentimientos asquerosos que sientes se irán". Todos los sentimientos que te hacen sentir incómoda  desaparecerán, to prometo ".


“...... Miré a ambos lados para ver si nadie me estaba mirando y luego me apresuré y escogí la flor, ¡pero se cayó y se rompió!

"Porque quería elegir una flor hermosa para ti, mamá"

Martinie-Johnson 2018-724_websize.jpg

(That is true. Goose is always picking grandmas new beautiful flowers for mommy —always to grandmas dismay. But grandma taught her to love the flowers so...)

I began to tickle and snuggle and wrap you up, baby goose. I whispered and shouted, “Wow! Thank you for telling me!!!  So glad you told me what happened. How do your insides feel?!?!”

And you teased me with chants of, “Yucky feelings!!!! yucky feelings!!!!” while completely cracking up which begged for nothing but more tickles!

You then bounded up and out of the room hollering, “Happy day!! Happy day!!! Happy day!!!” All the way down the stairs. 

(Eso es cierto. Goose siempre está recogiendo las nuevas flores hermosas para mamá, hasta la consternación de la abuela. Pero la abuela le enseñó a amar las flores así que ...)

Comencé a hacer cosquillas, acurrucarme y envolverte, ganso. Susurré y grité: "¡Wow! ¡¡¡Gracias por decirmelo!!! Me alegra que me contaras lo que pasó. ¿Cómo se siente tu interior?!?! ”

Y me embromaste con los cánticos de, “¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Feos sentimientos !!!! ¡¡¡asquerosos sentimientos !!! ”mientras se ríe por completo, ¡lo que no pedía más que cosquillas!

Luego saliste de la habitación gritando: "¡Feliz día! ¡¡¡Día feliz!!! ¡Feliz día! ”. En todo tu camino.

Martinie-Johnson 2018-707_websize.jpg

It worked. Letting you choose to talk worked. Teaching you about your spirit and giving it what it needs worked. And the lightness and brightness that followed worked. The circumstances will assuredly change, but the basic principles will be a constant, principles that no matter what happens — no matter what you choose — you can always, ALWAYS fall back on because “his hand is stretched out still.” 

Mine and His. 

I love you my beautiful baby goose. You can talk to me forever, whenever you are ready. 

I love you. 

Love, mama

Funcionó. El dejar que to me hablaste funcionó. Enseñarle sobre tu espíritu y el darle lo que necesita funcionó. Y la luminosidad y el brillo que siguieron funcionaron. Las circunstancias seguramente cambiarán, pero los principios básicos serán una constante, principios que no importa lo que suceda, no importa lo que elijas, siempre puedes, SIEMPRE, retroceder porque "mis brazos aún están extendidos.”

Los mios y los suyos.

Te amo mi hermosa Goose. Puedes hablarme para siempre, cuando estés lista.

Te quiero.

Con Amor, Mama

Martinie-Johnson 2018-686_websize (1).jpg

my pool of bethesda


I am crazy for this blog of mine! It has evolved into a series of open letters to my powerful girls. This space will forever be for my heart, and all are welcome.

Today’s letter is addressed to both of my babies.


While you were sleeping I had a powerful experience reading a story in John, and I could hardly wait to share.

One day Jesus found himself beside the pool of Bethesda. Many congregated here because they believed it possessed healing qualities — when the water bubbled, whoever was first in the pool was healed!

Jesus addressed a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years! I imagine the man spent much of his time watching everyone else be healed. Jesus asked him, “Wilt thou be made whole?”


The man, not recognizing the Savior, answered, “Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me.”

Lights seemed to turn on in my head and their short conversation struck me! This interaction became a lesson on Introspection, Trust, No More Excuses, and always, Faith in Christ.

The man told himself: “I would be made whole, but I can’t.” In other words: I can't walk. I move slowly. Everyone beats me. I've already tried it and when I try I fail. I have made multiple attempts and they did not work.”

Without hesitation Christ says, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.”

The man packed up his bed and walked away! But was he free of every problem every day after?! Nope! Was he "whole" right away?! Nope!

But he could walk!

My lesson from the pool of Bethesda was: no excuses; keep a steady closeness to the Savior, no matter how weak, unfit or unable I feel. He will do the rest.

Girls, in your attempts to “dream big and after you’ve done that dream bigger,” will you kick perfectionism and quick results to the curb?!

In seeking Him who makes you whole, your first miracle might be “getting your legs back.” But others will follow! You may witness one at a time, but over the course of your life - miracle by miracle - He will enlighten your mind and soften your heart, helping you become exactly who you were born to be. And He will do it because He loves you, because He is perfect.


Sometimes our invitations to “be made whole,” come via another’s voice, and they can be hard to recognize. Your mind might play tricks on you and say, "Well, actually there's this thing I have...it’s hard...and that thing...then this other thing happens...and no one is helping me.... But, yes! When I clear this all up then I will come and ‘be made whole!’"

If you will instead say,

"Yes, I’ll choose faith to be made whole. I will take the smallest possible step toward healing. And when I try and it doesn't seem to work I'm going to try again! And no matter how many times I fall I will not stay there! I know the Savior’s way fills me with happiness that spans the eternities, so I'm going to keep trying so He can mold me into exactly who I want to become,"

you will never be wrong.


It does not matter how many detours you take, how many times you slip up or fall down,

it is in your turning toward Him, again and again and again, that He makes you whole.

That is saving grace.

One word of caution: beware the differences between shame and guilt! Guilt feels like: I made a mistake but when I say “I’m sorry” I am filled with confidence, unity, happiness — I am healed. Shame feels like: I am bad. I have made too many mistakes, there is no going back. I am not worthy of love, blessings or forgiveness.

Shame lies. And shame never comes from God.


For now you live in an imperfect world and you will lose your footing. When that happens, hear Christ at the Pool of Bethesda saying to you, “Annie/Kate, Rise, take up thy bed and walk.” He is always helping you, one miracle at a time, even when you don’t see them right away — Bethesda does mean house of mercy or house of grace after all.

Never give up on yourself, your faith, your God. He knows exactly how you feel, all of the time, and He will pick you up as many times as you need.

I love you with all of me.

He loves you always.



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(Side note on this Sister Pic my dreams are made of: my girls have been wearing their hand-me-downs for years!!)


xo, Christina

Portra 400

Ilford Delta 3200

Pentax 645nii

Canon 1V

The sun

A family who says yes to it all, smiling the whole time

Goodman Film Lab

"you were the healer"

There are not many words to describe the way things are transpiring around here - we are mostly trying hard to follow our feelings.

I believe in that practice fiercely: following tender impressions.

But it can be scary because it means I take a step into the dark, or begin at zero, or…who knows what else?! Sometimes it feels like I’ll fall into a dark pit and a monster will eat me! On the other side of softening and submitting, of listening, is an elaborate pile of unknowns!

Sometimes what we cannot see feels like darkness. But that’s only because we haven’t given time the opportunity to shed light on it yet! Who knows but all your favorite colors are up ahead on high beams, shining blinding light you cannot see only because you haven’t stepped into it yet?!!

A month or so ago Annie was bouncing all over “Pa” (my dad) and I asked, “Dad, was I like that when I was little? Was I exactly like her?” (Because in my mind she and I are (mostly) exactly the same…)

My dad responded, “You were always taking care of people; you were the healer.”

In that instant he vocalized (and I learned!) my heart’s greatest desire! All I want is to be an instrument that is used to fill people with light and confidence.

When I die, I want to know I followed every impression, left nothing on the table, left no one behind, reached everyone I was sent to reach, on this, my personal journey through mortality.

I want to be an instrument in the hands of Light.

Here is where our recent changes come into play:

First, we do not have more answers than we do! We ride on faith daily for guidance and assistance. We practice asking, waiting, thinking, working through scenarios, praying, and waiting some more. We listen to the tiny impressions, thoughts, and feelings that come. And we receive answers.

****If you have questions, find a quiet place to pray, to talk, to converse and commune with heaven. Be open about all of your worries, your plans, your thoughts, your goalsdreamshopesfearswishes everything!!!

Then write down your impressions and thoughts and feelings.

Your answers will come, I promise! We are living it and it’s true.

Second, we had a plan, but then something unexpected (a miracle!) occurred so I need to wait for that to work itself out before I start blabbing anymore about plan details ;)

Third, we are moving eventually, so my blog and brand will change, but the idea has become sweet to me! I am ecstatic to evolve with everything this business and I become together.

Next, photography has been a spiritual journey and I want to be true to that.


I feel “brightness” in announcing that my blog will mostly be composed of my spiritual thoughts, stories, experiences, and prayers, including specific things I learn from study. I will be sharing openly my thoughts about my life and what comes of the impressions I follow.

Ultimately, I want to share light - in all its forms. I get to do that through pictures and (very lacking) words (encompassed in big feelings.)

I want you to know you can find answers and help and guidance from Heaven!

I want you to be filled with light and confidence.

If you are aching, I want you to feel love, compassion, mercy, grace, and healing.

I hope you find those things here.

All my love, forever,


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Bay Area! Nor Cal. Everywhere in CA. Everywhere period :) also SEATTLE, I’ll be back in March! East coast, NYC, North Carolina!! “Dream big and after you’ve done that, dream bigger” 🥰Howard Schultz -Starbucks CEO

to chase the light

These images come from the most sacred photoshoot in which I have ever participated.

An evening of remembering, of leaving some things behind to cling to others,

of grieving and healing, of waves that ebb and flow like tears, like laughter, like sorrow.

Conversations, time, and embraces with this family have forever changed me.

In moments of engulfing darkness they choose - and over again - a fight for light

almost at the cost of life.

I learn what it truly means to chase the light.

gone home, too

I am shooting more and more families like this one, who traveled from all over the states to Newport Beach for a family vacation! Grandma and Grandpa, their five kids, each of their spouses, and all of the grandkids joined in this fun.

Each shoot is beautifully unique to every family and their own story, and when they leave I feel like pieces of me have gone home with them.

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The course, The Light and Liberation Project, was designed for any photographer wanting to develop their skills. Details are in a quick video made by the photographers in that link. The photogs who created the content are TOTAL ROCKSTARS (one is even a former mentor of mine.) I love these people. If you want a free 2-hour long photography check it out my insta post here!

If you are thinking of delving in to photography don’t give up. Keep going. I am so happy about all of the photos that are being pumped out of my camera. I’m in shock when I go back and look at them. I love them even more as time passes.

This beautiful friend, Krystil, is also a fellow photographer. We laugh and play and chat and hang, plus she orders take-out when I’m at her house and whoever gives me food becomes my instant best friend.

I always tell myself I will only choose 10-15 of my favorite photos from a session, but when it comes down to it I can never whittle them down.

Check out this Portra 800 +1!!!! And this Ilford Delta 3200. I’m crazy about this stuff.