why film?


Film, beautiful, film.

Since the day I bought my first camera and opened an Instagram account, almost all of the photographers I fell for were film shooters. I knew my images never had the potential to look like theirs - authentic, brilliant in detail with a note of timelessness - so I bought a professional, medium-format film camera.

Film makes skin look creamy and dreamy and beautiful. Film images also glow. While many photographers try to imitate the "film look" in post processing, the luminance and tones and softness cannot be replicated.

So much of what I do is analogue but you still receive digital files. I work closely with a professional film lab that processes, scans, color corrects, and sends me digital files ready to ship to you! 

The other part about film I have fallen completely in love with is its capacity to slow down time. I thoughtfully plan your session and during the shoot I move slowly, watch closely, and wait until a moment moves me. Then I click. Repeating this process creates images that are perfectly unique, perfectly you. There will be some breaks while I change film. We all get a breather. You get photos that showcase everything you spend your time creating and working towards - everything you love. All the while I get an emotional, beautiful process that creates soulful images that make all our hearts skip a beat.

Please reach out with any questions you may have. I am happy to talk through this process that brings so much joy to my own life, and wish the same for you.