Baby Chicks + World of Wonders

Papa came home from work one day and asked the kids, "Do you want to go buy a treat?" We came home with three baby chicks that our own baby chicks picked out. Annie chose the black one, Kate the yellow, and Luke the silver.

They are a major hit. Major. Annie sings Elsa to them, reads stories to them, carries them around on her arms and legs and lap and wrists. She is fearless and loves them. While Facetiming her dad one day she said, holding the phone over them and pointing, "That one's mine. He wuvs me...but he's eating his food wight now." She tries to hand them to Kate who is now mostly scared of being pooped on and won't hold them, even though she says she wants to. Luke likes to play, "What if I...." with them. These chicks are the perfect source of entertainment.

While their bright red light was shining down on us while I snapped the photos - it's fine. ha. And I left them in order to tell much of the story.

For Michelle's 24th birthday she woke up to balloons, flowers, waffles and ice cream, a birthday banner and a card that had plan A and plan B in it. She got to choose her day. One of the things we did that day was go to World of Wonders. These are some fun shots from the inside of that children's museum.