Sunrise on the Couch

Kate's first words this morning were, in her deep scratchy voice, "Mommy...chaanngggge mmmyyy bbuummmmm."

I have never done a sunrise shoot - I'm not usually out of bed until after 9am.... In the summer in Seattle the sun rises between 4 and 5am; I'm not getting up that early! But, in January the sun rises around 8am, and today there are no clouds hiding it!

Annie and I were sitting on the couch (she is one early riser!) and watched the sun come up. She proceeded to play by putting on princess clothes.

I have a goal set for myself: take pictures every day. They don't have to be posted anywhere, or even good, but I'm going to take pictures every day, even if just for a few minutes. Here is what came of today (yes, that is our Christmas tree's shadow because it's still on our balcony. And, I originally cooled the photos down and uploaded them but was left unsettled because when the sun pours in these windows it really is as golden as golden can be):