Rexburg at -16 Degrees Fahrenheit

December 2016.

Snowmageddon meets graduation meets Christmas meets Disneyland.

That's how I would describe my sister's graduation in Rexburg, Idaho.

We drove two days in a snow storm, packed her U-Haul and cleaned her apartment in the snow storm (of the year, apparently), went to graduation that night in that same storm, then drove home the next day, half the time, in the snow storm. And yes, it was -16 degrees. 

After all of the excitement of the day - add: 8 months pregnant, starving, last undergrad final, can't drive anywhere because of the roads and ice and ice and ice, cleaning out she and her husband's apartment, graduation, Wendy's (requested by said pregnant lady), then...

....finally crashing at the hotel room. Before walking in my dad told the girls he thought Santa came! When they laid eyes on what what in that room they went charging. My sister, Marielle, very thoughtfully rains every holiday upon you, and the girls were opening presents for daysssss.

Since we prefer to stay home (in Seattle) during the holidays, we planned to have Christmas in Rexburg, as we were all meeting there for graduation (minus one brother.) My parents know how much Kate loves horses and bought the larger-than-life pony (well, Santa did, who flew out the window before we walked in...) and the kitchen.

It was a really fantastic weekend - not relaxing at all, but loads of fun. The photos contain shots from our journey there, my parent's hotel, "Christmas," and graduation. We slept on my sister and brother in law's floor, hence the shots of my sleeping beauties snuggled up with one other.

Here are our memories, many of which are freelensed, and almost all of which are manual focused - hence the missed focus. But, of course, we just call that art. Also, a handful of these photos are from using the timer on my camera. On the drive out Tyler went to the gym and we hung at the hotel. It was the first time I put myself in the frame with the babes.

I really love taking pictures. A lot.