Mini Dance Party

Tyler does magic tricks with the girls - he makes objects disappear in their ears. It's fun and funny and cute and great until they start making things disappear in their ears and noses. Kate lost Tyler's wedding ring and he kept asking her where it was. All she could do was shrug and point to her ear as if to say, "Find it in there!" 

Goosie wanted her nails painted at 10:00 last night. I said, "No, Kate. It's time for bed. Go get in bed." She of course fell into a puddle of tears at my feet. Tyler said, "Come on, Kate" and they walked into the back of the apartment. 5 minutes later she came out all smiles and said, "My daddy peent my naiiillls." Tyler said she was so happy when he opened the cupboard, and that she kept smiling the sweetest smile at him while he painted her nails - it's a Goosie smile: flirty, smirky, cute, sweet, an I-know-how-to-get-out-of-everything smile.

(Because I speak to them in Spanish I usually say "pintura" or "pintar las uñas" so they say "peent" instead of "paint." I about died with love and cuteness for her orange nails. But (being the mom for the win BAHA!) this morning Kate woke up and her daddy asked her who painted her nails. She said, "I did." He said, "Kate! Who painted your nails?" She said, "My mommy." I totally laughed myself awake. He said, "No she didn't! Who painted your nails?" Kate, "I did." Tyler, "Who painted your nails?!" Kate, "my mommy." Tyler, "NO! Your daddy peent your nails!!" 

At 4pm a perfectly golden sun pours into my bedroom window. I don't like taking pictures in my room because it's not "pretty." Today I threw that excuse to the birds and grabbed my camera for a dance party on the bed. I love what came of it.