What Does it Mean to Fail Beautifully?

Summer Murdock is one of my all-time favorite photographers. She makes sure she takes her camera out every. single. day. Every day. And she is an amazing photographer. I have been wanting to implement the same practice, so I too can learn to shoot in all types of light, circumstance, and environment. I want to be a realllllllllyyyyy good photographer, but I still get scared to take my camera out thinking, "I'm not good at this. I don't want to pick my camera up, I'm not going to get good shots right here. I'm too nervous to pick up my camera because I want to be really good, but since I'm not really good right now I'll wait until I'm good to pick it up more..." I know these are crazy, negative thoughts, but a lot of times I have to work hard to pull the camera out and make myself be OK taking the horrible shots, to one day get the good ones. I have to feel fine - even positively - towards failure if I want to achieve success.

I thought summer was going to end so I was racing to take my camera out for every sunset possible. When Tyler came home one evening we went to one of our favorite beaches, and ran into good friends who used to live in Seattle.

I hung around Kate trying to practice a few different things, mostly because she was standing still and was by herself. Plus, I was enjoying her wishing she was in the water the entire time. I'll leave the photos in sequence because she went from panties on, to panties off, and then from twisting her amazing @emmiesroom dress all around before finnnalllllyyyy taking it off to walk into the water (as if clothes have held them back in the past, but whatever.)

Here's to being confident in and accepting of failure, and in not feeding myself negative thoughts before attempting to do what I love.