Soccer in the House

It's freezing here. We have been sick (all but Annie), cooped up inside, and cold. Annie kept asking to go to the park, which I couldn't muster the strength to do, so I brought two soccer balls out from storage and we played soccer in the house. It's one of my greatest ideas to date. This Annie girl needs to run - keeps her from picking fights with a dear-to-her-heart younger sis.

These photos are because it was sunny for one day, and any day there is sun I can't not take photos. Annnnd, since Summer Murdock's Magic of Light class sold out in less than 60 seconds, and I wasn't one of the lucky ones, I have to teach myself how to use the sun, light, shadows, and everything in between to take pretty pictures, the old fashioned way, by lots of practice. 

They are all freelensed because it's what I'm obsessed with right now.