Random Stuff and Resolutions

I like to blog. I don't know why some photos get the cut. Looking back I wonder, "How did some of these get left out?! I love them!" 

I recently listened to a podcast by two photographers who interviewed Summer Murdock. I loved what Summer said in the end: "Let's keep this in perspective. It's just a picture." For all the grief that can often go into an Instagram post, or blog post, or the worry of what people will think, honestly, it's just a picture. My goals for 2017 revolve around a lot of this. I am reprioritizing. I tell myself everyday, "everything is a process" and pictures are no exception. While I want to be as good as the photographers who have been doing this 9+ years, I am not there yet. I have to be more true to me - take pictures I enjoy taking, share photos I think are moving or inspiring. I am also excited about the freedom that comes from keeping social media off my devices (unless I post a photo). I don't care about followers - my goal isn't go be known, famous, or popular. My goal is to become a photographer who enjoys what she does. I want to do more personal projects, create more videos, and have tons of fun along the way. This is my process and I'm determined to enjoy the journey.

Here are the photos that "didn't make it."