Twirl Sesh take II

Annie and Kate were dancing in the shadows in the fresca morning light that comes in our windows. Well, Annie was dancing and Kate pulled her pants halfway down so she could run and trip and fall on her face - she loves that game. Then she and Annie crack up.

Today Kate and I were walking up a hill holding hands and I said, "I love when my Goosie hold my hand! I love her holding my hand. I love my goosie." She started laughing, paused, and then said, laughing again, "It fun!!!" All of me melted right then.

I used to edit all of my photos bright and white, but I'm playing around with editing...differently.

Many times I also have to talk myself into grabbing my camera because I think, "I've taken 548 photos in this spot, why take 1 more?" in addition to, "I really wish my landlord would let me tear my carpet up so I could have the beautiful hardwood floors underneath, and that stressed leather couch!!!! ^%$^&%##"

But I guess therein lies the challenge - how do I do this differently than I have before? 

I found the girls snuggled up one night in California. The only one you don't see is Tyler asleep on the other side of Annie.