My First Film

Summer Murdock is one of my favorite photographers. ever. She and a few other photographers have a project called the 60 Second Photograph. I love it so much I had to start something similar. This is my first film! There are pieces that make me think, "ya, it's my first film" and I could list them all, but honestly why do that?! I am so happy I made this come to life I'll save the critiquing for another day! (And, if anyone wants to do this with me I'd love to get a group together - it wouldn't matter where you live, we hold each other accountable by posting on the same day each month! iPhones can do anything these days... Come on, people! Be brave!)

Once I get a couple more of these under my belt (back to that critiquing part, I know what I want to do differently next time) I'll offer this as another service!