Natural Bridges, Our Last Day

Natural Bridges is a state park that is also home to thousands (~8,000) of Monarch butterflies during the winter; here they build a "city in the trees." Fun fact: in the Spring and Summer the Monarchs live West of the Rocky Mountains where the Milkweed plant is abundant. Milkweed contains a toxin, that when ingested by a caterpillar, makes the caterpillar toxic to other animals. This toxin stays in the butterfly as well, giving it protection from those who would eat it (reference). Every year we go see the butterflies and play on this beach. Since we had already checked out of our house and everything was packed we lacked wetsuits. This water was cold! but it doesn't matter how cold it is, Tyler is always going in. Nathan followed suit as well as our good friend, Robbie. Michelle also joined and when I put the camera down I jumped in, too! We spent our last hour at the beach body surfing with the dolphins. We topped it all off with some delicious Mexican food and of course, Marianne's for the best ice cream around.