Let's Get This Party Started

Ok everyone!

Here is what I'm thinking for Personal Project #1: Confident is the New Pretty. It will take awhile to shoot everyone who wants to participate, and organize the photos in such a way that makes artful sense to me. But, if you are interested in doing this, this is what I'm looking for:

This project is about YOU. I want pictures that are the YOUest you: sweats, pantsuit, no makeup, full makeup, basketball shorts, heels - it doesn't matter to me; I want it to be about you. I want all women and girls to feel beautiful - know they are beautiful - no matter what they have, or don't have, on. Spread the word, everyone is invited.

While I want this to be about you, it's also for me. I want to practice taking pictures. I want to try more creative...stuff... I want to do my own thing and just, ...see what happens. You will see all of the above in the following photos.